Friendship Manager, Not just a CRM

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What is it?

It’s a Notion template to store your contacts. Just like any other CRM, but different.

Why did I create this?

I wanted a place to store information about the people I met, digitally.

There are plenty of CRM apps out there, but I don't want to sign up to another platform that can only be used for one function.

Since it’ll be in Notion, it’s easier for me to relate or link it to my other databases.

And, it’s customizable and easier to set up and tweak to your liking.

I’ve also written an essay on how this template has helped me hire a star employee.

Why am I calling it Friendship, instead of just CRM?

Ever since I left the rat race and became a solopreneur, I have the luxury to say “no” and only work with the people I’m comfortable with.

Most of the time, we ended up becoming friends. Hence, the “Friendship”.

What you will get?

  • Notion template
  • A guide on how to use the template + how to save using Notion tool

Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes, all you need is a free account plan.

Still have questions?

You can DM me on Twitter or call.

I want this!

You'll get a Notion template with a how-to-use guide and a tip on how to save contacts using another Notion tool.

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Friendship Manager, Not just a CRM

0 ratings
I want this!