Create Banner with Stencil & Airtable

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Create Banner with Stencil & Airtable

Leif Latiff
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What is it?

It’s an Airtable template, together with the guides on how to automatically create the banner using an image creator tool called Stencil.

Here’s the example that I used for my newsletter:

Why did I create this?

I use Canva to create images, and it’s cumbersome to keep on coming back, just to edit. In this case, just to add “Issue #5”.

So, I created this template to automatically create new images without log in to Canva.

What you’ll get?

You’ll get:

  • An Airtable template
  • Guides on how to set up Stencil with Airtable
  • Script to run

When will I get it?

You can get it immediately after you check out.


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